Test your addictive tendencies

The SPQ (The Shorter PROMIS Questionnaire) is a 160-question paper that counsellors and researchers can use to measure an individual's level of addictive tendency in each of sixteen distinct behavioural areas.

Jointly developed by PROMIS Clinics and researchers at the University of Kent, the SPQ is recognised and respected as an accurate indicator of addictive tendency.

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What does SPQ Measure?

The categories measured by the SPQ are:

Alcohol (al)
Gambling (g)
Shopping (se)
Food starving (fs)
Recreational drugs (r)
Tobacco (t)
Sex (s)
Caffeine (c)
Exercise (e)
Work (w)
Compulsive helping dominant
Relationship Dominant
Prescription Drugs (d)
Food Bingeing (fb)
Compulsive helping submissive
Relationship Submissive

Interpreting SPQ results

Having scored the SPQ, you will be presented with your results and a graph showing typical scores for a normal population and a clinical population, against which you can measure your score.

One of the strengths of the SPQ is its ability to indicate addictive illness in several categories simultaneously.

If you require any further explanation of the SPQ, please email us at enquiries@s-p-q.com.